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"Mr Lyon’s own-initiative report involves Parliament at an early stage in the debate regarding the future of the CAP. I would like to thank all those involved for the work they have done. Forward-looking targets have been formulated for the entire Community. For me there are three elementary points to be considered if we are to continue to secure comprehensive and sustainable agricultural development throughout Europe. 1. It is vital that we ensure that the CAP is adequately funded post 2013 and that we produce an appropriate budget. 2. The tried-and-tested two-pillar structure must be retained with a strong first pillar and an equally strong second pillar. The only way that we can maintain the European agricultural model is to ensure the production of our food to the highest standards in the first pillar and, in the second pillar, to provide good prospects for the development of rural areas, and job creation and infrastructure for farmers and non-farmers, male and female and, in particular, for young people. 3. The major fluctuations in the liberalised markets and the effects of climate change continue to necessitate a safety net. New objectives have arisen for us in terms of market orientation, product safety, animal protection and the need for environmental protection and biodiversity as a result of climate change. In the face of these challenges, good agricultural policy is the best policy for the future and is in the interests of all our citizens."@en1

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