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"The common agricultural policy (CAP) has the potential to offer solutions to many of the problems currently affecting European farms, and this is obvious in no EU Member State more than in Ireland, where there is an equal commitment to both secure a fair and full CAP agreement and to move forward by implementing the changes necessary in 21st century farming. However, in order to secure the trust and commitment of Europe’s agricultural community, the new CAP needs to offer stability to farmers and a fair price, as is currently provided, for the goods which they produce. In return, European citizens will receive not just reliable, high-quality goods which are guaranteed to have been farmed to the EU’s high standards of practice, but will also benefit from the societal and cultural implications of the CAP, such as those contained in Pillar II. Above all, the EU needs to retain the trust of European farmers. The agricultural community is aware that change is on the way with this new agreement, and is currently poised to embrace it. In order to take advantage of this positive relationship, the institutions of the EU must ensure an agreement that is modern while being full and fair for all."@en1

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