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"Adapting the CAP to the new social and economic realities is a necessary step. We actually need to answer some key questions to be able to do this. I totally concur with the need to guarantee security of food supply. However, to what point do we want to be independent and how willing are we to pay more for this? Until now, the CAP has kept prices high for foods which are cheaper in other countries. The EU cannot promote free trade while protecting its own agricultural market. Solutions need to be found which will allow the EU to enforce proper global quality standards so that the discrepancy between prices for agricultural products in the various countries can be narrowed. However, I am concerned most about the impact which the CAP reforms have had on farmers. Decoupling payments has only succeeded in channelling direct payments to the major land owners, who are definitely not farmers. Decoupling is necessary to avoid overproduction. However, I call on the Commission to put forward some fairer criteria so that farmers can be the real beneficiaries of the CAP. We need incentives for farmers, especially to encourage young people to move to rural areas. However, this is not going to happen while maintaining the current direct payments system, which is ridiculous."@en1

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