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"Mr President, could I first of all just touch on some of the key themes that colleagues have raised during this debate. A new strategic importance for food production and the CAP: absolutely. Two pillars: absolutely, I agree with that. Food production at the heart of the CAP: yes, that is absolutely what the CAP is about. The rest are all add-ons to ensure that we have a profitable farming sector to be able to deliver the environmental benefits, to tackle climate change and all the other things we set out in the report. A strong budget: yes, absolutely; fair to old and new Member States: so many Members raised that as an issue, and it is an issue we need to address. It needs to be objective and transparent as to how money is allocated between Member States. They need to meet the challenges of the Europe 2020 strategy. It is absolutely essential that farming and the CAP are seen as part of the solution to meeting these objectives, and not part of the problem. I would like to pay tribute to Michel Dantin, Mr Häusling, Mr Olejniczak and Jim Nicholson, my shadow rapporteurs. We had tremendous cooperation in bringing together what I believe is a very strong report that sets out a clear vision of where this Parliament wants to see the CAP head after 2013. I would say that it puts this Parliament in a very powerful position when it comes to dealing and negotiating with the Commission and with the Farm Council. I would say to you, Commissioner, come alongside us and we can make sure that we deliver that vision together."@en1

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