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"You are absolutely right. This idea of ‘catching the eye’ of the President is clearly entirely subjective, as the President has an eye, but he does not have a wide and multi-faceted eye like a reptile’s, meaning that those who catch his eye are those who catch his eye; the secretarial staff can help a great deal with this. Nevertheless, you are right: this is an issue that has not been handled in a reasonable manner – I understand this – by the Parliamentary Bureau. For example, what Mrs McGuinness says, that members of the corresponding committee should have priority, seems entirely reasonable to me, but provision has not been made for that. The only provision made is that it is the President who runs the debate as he sees fit, which clearly puts the President in extremely complicated positions. Furthermore, the Members themselves do not follow the Rules of Procedure, as the blue card is not to be used for asking to speak during ‘catch the eye’. The blue card is to be used for interrupting the speaker who is speaking at that moment, in order to ask him or her a 30-second question. However, there are Members here who are constantly getting the blue card out. We will have to have a short course for Members to learn that the blue card has a specific use, and that in order to ask to speak during ‘catch the eye’, one has to raise one’s hand, raise one’s white card, or use some other mechanism rather than the blue card. However, I do not wish to prolong the debate. We have fallen quite far behind, and there could have been two or three contributions during the time that we have spent on this issue."@en1

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