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"Mr President, I assume you were referring to me. I would like to pick up on what the previous speaker said. Of course I would like to thank you for your generosity in allowing ten speakers rather than five. We understand your time constraints, naturally, but I hope you will understand us too. This is a very important issue. There are parts of Europe that are operating under a considerable burden and that are under extreme threat. Naturally this is also true beyond the work of the committees. Secondly, you indicated that the problem regarding the ‘catch the eye’ procedure has not been resolved. We would ask that this issue be resolved as soon as possible, because I do not know if we should start forming a queue the day before, or make a submission three days in advance and then spend the night here so that we might finally get a chance to speak. It is also important, if only 10 speakers are to be heard, that we should be told who the 10 are. It would be helpful and fair to put the appropriate structures in place as soon as possible. That way, you will experience less stress and will be all the more popular if you can allow more people to speak. We will also be happy to have a solution that is fair to us. I beg your indulgence and thank you again for your understanding."@en1

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