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"Mr President, Commissioner, I too would like to thank and congratulate our fellow Member, Mr Lyon, for his excellent report, which represents a first positive step towards a recast of the CAP. The objective with the new CAP is to have a major European agricultural, food, social and environmental policy, not a Europe that is all about the unbridled free market. We want the CAP to be more legitimate in terms of public resources pledged and accepted by the taxpayer, fairer in the distribution of European funds among the 27 Member States and among farmers, and more effective in the proper use of public money. New public mechanisms for regulating agricultural production will have to be established to ensure the food security of consumers. We are in favour of a strong CAP that has the budget it needs to achieve its objectives. To this end, the Lyon report quite rightly underlines the emergence of new challenges that the CAP will face: in particular climate change, water management, renewable energies, biodiversity and soil erosion. This report calls for a simpler, more responsible CAP that responds more effectively to the needs of European farmers, in the interests of consistency and of preserving …"@en1

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