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"Mr President, in a nutshell, the following holds true of the common agricultural policy: we now have more countries, more priorities and less money. That therefore means that the CAP requires thorough reform and such reform requires starting from scratch. As food is the most important collective asset of the agricultural sector, food production must be ensured, especially with a view to food security over the coming decades. In addition, we want good-quality food in Europe and we set great store by animal welfare and the environment. Yet our farmers are not always rewarded by the market for these contributions to the public good. Their global competitors do not have to contend with such requirements or, if they do, the requirements which they have to meet are much lower. We therefore need support where the market fails. The fact that the report calls for aid per hectare is a positive thing. This will counteract further intensification of agriculture and make the achievement of environmental targets a more realistic prospect. That is how we can reward our farmers."@en1

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