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"Mr President, the common agricultural policy (CAP) has been making efforts to adjust for a number of years, and we are now entering a new phase in this process of permanent reform. Commissioner, the Lyon report recognises the role that agriculture, as a strategic sector, can play in contributing to the priorities of the new Europe 2020 strategy. We want a strong CAP after 2013 that maintains its common character, without detriment to the specific nature of some sectors or regions. Its market orientation will continue as at present. However, growing market volatility, combined with the requirements of the Union’s international commitments, may have a negative impact on farmers’ incomes. We need a proper safety net. Direct aid must be financed entirely from the Union budget, and the CAP needs to have a budgetary allocation adequate for facing the new challenges and objectives ahead of it, at a level at least equal to that for 2013, as further cuts could compromise its effectiveness. Commissioner, our farmers will once more have to make efforts to adapt. Any changes that do take place must be accompanied by realistic transition periods. I would like to thank Mr Lyon and all of the shadow rapporteurs for their work. They have produced a report that we in Parliament can endorse, and which will be a positive signal for bringing to an end uncertainty for European farmers."@en1

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