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"Mr President, in this changing world it is vitally important that the common agricultural policy goes on changing so that it can be relevant to the challenges of the future and not live in the past. The reformed common agricultural policy is going to have a vitally important role to play in confronting issues like food security, market volatility and climate change, but I want to mention three other principles which, to my mind, are no less important. Firstly, we must recognise that the best way of achieving the goals of the common agricultural policy is to create a viable, dynamic farming sector and I do not think we should lose sight of that aim. Secondly, if you are going to achieve that, the common agricultural policy needs to be simpler, fairer and more transparent at point of delivery. Finally, it needs to deliver value for money. All nations and all sectors are experiencing tough economic times at present, and I caution this committee to be utterly realistic about its expectations from the European budget. To my mind, that means we should ensure that funds are used effectively. The rapporteur has produced an excellent report. I congratulate him on his work and am happy to support."@en1

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