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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, over the next few months we will be entering into a full debate on the new common agricultural policy (CAP). It is important to reach a satisfactory agreement, and so I hope that the Belgian Presidency manages to achieve what the Spanish Presidency did not. I hope that the Belgian Presidency can direct discussions in such a way that the Member States commit themselves to maintaining a truly strong CAP in the future, with a sufficient budget for meeting the needs of the 27 Member States, both new and old; I also hope that it will not be as it was in 2005, when there was a lack of money and a modulation had to be improvised. In the upcoming reform of the CAP, we are gambling with the viability of a sector that not only provides intangible goods and services, such as care for the environment, but must also guarantee the supply of food to the European public. We have witnessed distressing shortage situations in the past, which is why the European Parliament should make security of supply based on EU production the main objective of the next reform, without leaving aside other contributions, such as the fight against climate change."@en1

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