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"Mr President, the common agricultural policy was designed to safeguard Europe’s independence in food production. In the 1970s, nearly 70% of the EU budget was spent on agriculture. However, following a serious of competitive reforms, agricultural spending in the budget fell to 35% for the financial period 2007-2013. Unfortunately, today the revised CAP is being designed under the same conditions of competitiveness as the previous policy. It is insulting that the economic crisis is being used as a pretext to cut benefits to farmers. Moreover, it is the latter who are to blame for today’s conditions of crisis. The basic objective of the new CAP should be to promote a global model compatible with healthy food, environmental protection and the fight against carbon dioxide emissions. We must not forget that the agrochemical model of conventional agriculture bears serious responsibility for the greenhouse effect and climate change and it must change, precisely because it works against the farmers, the people and the biodiversity of the planet."@en1

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