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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, over the next few years the challenges accompanying the development of the European agricultural system will be huge: the growing demand for food will have to be met through the sustainable use of natural resources, with a parallel increase in the level of environmental performance. This outlook, which strengthens the relationship between the agricultural sector and the production of public goods, gives agriculture a new strategic importance: the creation of the future common agricultural policy (CAP) today represents the solution to these major challenges facing our society, and the policy will play a crucial role in responding to what is already a food crisis. Therefore, it is a case of producing more while polluting less: this is the difficult objective that European agriculture will have to fulfil over the next few years. Based on these assumptions, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, which I have the honour of chairing, has produced an intense and concise piece of work – which Mr Lyon, with the involvement of all the groups, has overseen in an excellent fashion – in the shape of the report presented to Parliament today. It is a report that we are convinced will help lay the foundations of the future CAP and will provide the European Commission with some clear pointers so that it can prepare the year-end communication on the future of the CAP after 2013."@en1

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