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"I share the sentiments of my fellow Members who highlighted the quality of this report and the wide consensus it received in the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. On the one hand, it is an ambitious report because it attempts to find solutions to the current major challenges; on the other hand, it is a balanced report which attempts to respond to the legitimate concerns of new Member States about benefiting fairly from the common agricultural policy. I wish to stress in particular the articles referring to the common agricultural policy’s architecture. The CAP must continue to be based on its two pillars. Abolishing these would end up destroying the CAP or changing it into a policy devoid of any opportunity to help modernise agriculture and boost its competitiveness. Abolishing the rural development pillar would be a mistake and it would slow down the modernisation of agriculture in the whole of Europe, but in the new Member States most of all. Another key point is to maintain a CAP budget at least at its current level. European farmers are obliged to comply with the highest quality standards, which is reflected in the quality of the food which Europeans eat and in our global competitiveness. However, farmers need support to be able to comply with these standards. A well-structured, properly financed common agricultural policy means safe, good-quality food for Europeans. I believe that the vote on this report will enable Parliament to give the Council and Commission a clear, unambiguous signal regarding our position as representatives of Europe’s citizens."@en1

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