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"Mr President, Commissioner, Mr Lyon, ladies and gentlemen, in a context such as this, farms need strong support in order to innovate and make progress. The role of farmers needs to undergo a radical change: by systemising agricultural production farmers become agricultural entrepreneurs, and thus promote economic development. I believe it is fundamentally important for the recovery of countless abandoned areas of land to be used in the creation of short, closed agricultural branches – in other words, systems that link agricultural cultivation directly to sales. These systems can operate and become widespread throughout the European Union. I believe that, under the new common agricultural policy (CAP), the Commission should support the creation of agricultural cooperatives so as to cut production costs and make farmers more competitive. The Commission must commit itself to defining a budget that is sufficient to achieve these objectives. The funding for the new CAP must be linked to results, so as to prevent waste and various kinds of speculation. What is more, at this time of crisis, many young people want to return to farming. However, they are faced with various obstacles: land is too expensive, and rural development policies are difficult to manage; the fact that there are long waiting times for land and that it is granted on the basis of earnings rather than on the basis of the ideas expressed by young entrepreneurs prevents this group from realising its potential. I believe that the Commission must take a supportive and flexible approach to helping young farmers. An information policy must also be launched, starting in schools and universities, in order to promote a …"@en1

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