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"( ) Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the Socialists and Democrats are particularly pleased to see their main proposals reflected in the Lyon report: 80–90% of our amendments were considered, and we were able to endorse 49 of the 50 commitments voted on by the Committee on Agriculture. We particularly welcome the fact that the Lyon report includes a clear willingness to maintain the truly Community-minded character of the CAP and a desire for it to continue to receive an adequate budget. It incorporates the condemnation of historical criteria for allocating aid to farmers and their replacement with new criteria, essentially based around the environment, the intention to move towards fairer distribution of support among farmers and Member States, as has been reiterated by several of my colleagues, and acknowledges that market regulation and risk and crisis management must have appropriate policy instruments. It also includes a new system of support based on compensation for the provision of services and public goods that benefit the whole of society but receive no remuneration from the market. The Commission thus has many sources of inspiration for its communication, to be presented in November, and I welcome the fact that the Commissioner has already shown a willingness to accept our recommendations. I hope that six months from now I will be able to congratulate Commissioner Cioloş with the same satisfaction I now have in congratulating my fellow Member Mr Lyon for his excellent work, which ennobles and strengthens the role of Parliament at the very moment when, with the Treaty of Lisbon, we are taking on powers of co-decision."@en1
"Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos (S&D )."1

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