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"Mr President, I would like to thank the rapporteur for this report. It was good indeed to have a listening rapporteur, and his travels within Member States reflect that and also reflect the outcomes within the report. The future of farming and the CAP must provide farmers with a viable secure income. Pillar one payments must continue giving farmers a direct payment which gives them a minimum level of income security. To achieve this, we will need a CAP budget which is at least maintained at the current level or, more importantly, increased to take into consideration the expansion of the Union. Volatility within markets has been detrimental to the industry across Europe, and we need to retain the safety nets to maintain stability and ensure profitability. The distribution of CAP funds must take into consideration the cost of production in Member States. The definition of fair must be examined in greater detail by the Commission and area-based payment which would result in farmers in Northern Ireland receiving less in their single farm payment would be detrimental to an industry where many farmers are on the verge of viability. Northern Ireland has many farmers who have a small area of land, but who farm intensively, and such a payment would neither reflect their work nor the financial burden they face. Regional variation must therefore be taken into consideration and catered for in the post-CAP 2013."@en1

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