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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, first of all I should like to congratulate Mr Lyon on his work, and also the Chair and the Secretariat of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. I am also grateful to Commissioner Cioloş, since he and the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development have certainly established a good working relationship, and that is very important. I hope that in the future, too, during the forthcoming stages of the legislative process, the Commission will continue to pay particular attention to producers and consumers, who have undoubtedly been heavily penalised because of the structure of the market and the recent crisis. My region, Veneto, has 150 000 farms, and through their efforts they not only provide quality products but also ensure protection of the rural environment, which we believe is an asset that should not only be safeguarded but also encouraged. However, in order to continue to be able to carry out their activities, our farmers are asking us to provide greater safeguards against price volatility and to keep allocating direct aid. It is also essential that we maintain the second pillar of the common agricultural policy. Rural development policy must be safeguarded primarily because it facilitates the development of the different types of local agriculture present in Europe, which are required to comply with ever higher quality standards. In a competitive market in which they are often at a disadvantage, our farmers are appealing for the bureaucratic burden imposed on them to be reduced as part of the priority actions, since it certainly plays a part in making them less competitive."@en1

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