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"Mr President, please accept my congratulations. Previous CAP reforms have led to the liberalisation of agricultural markets. They have given rise to profound injustices in the distribution of aid – between countries, products and producers. They have destroyed regulatory instruments for production, such as quotas and production rights, along with mechanisms for intervention and market regulation. They have subjected agriculture to the WTO’s rules, whereby it has been used as a bargaining chip for other interests. The result is plain to see: the unprecedented abandonment of production by millions of small and medium-sized farming enterprises, income insecurity and increasing price volatility, and the exacerbation of food dependence in countless countries and regions. All this calls for a profound change in the CAP that will guarantee food security and sovereignty, giving priority to the need for countries and regions to develop production to meet their needs, while promoting environmental sustainability and rural development; promote more diversified production and prevent it from diminishing, while recognising the specific characters of the different sectors and regions; surpass, through modelling and capping aid, the current imbalances between products, producers and countries and finally foresee intervention mechanisms to ensure fair prices for production and to provide farmers with a level of income that will ensure the continuity of production and regular food supplies."@en1

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