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"Mr President, this report allows Parliament to outline our views before the Commission brings forward its proposals on the future of the CAP by the end of this year. While I and my group will be voting in favour of this report, I wish to make it clear that there are some parts which we do not agree with. Certainly, maintaining the second pillar structure is crucial and will prove to be central to the long-term success of the CAP. However, on balance I believe it to be a good starting point for a comprehensive debate on the issue and shows that the Committee can work together. We have a major responsibility as a Parliament to ensure that any future reform ensures that agriculture as an industry can compete and can survive in the future. The CAP has seen vast changes, and we must ensure that it is fit for purpose in the 21st century. We must remember that the CAP is not just for farmers: it provides us with a safe and secure food supply and wide-ranging public goods and environmental benefits. In order to achieve these goals I feel that the budget must be at least maintained, and I want to thank the rapporteur for a very good report and his cooperation."@en1

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