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". Mr President, Commissioner, Mr Lyon, first of all I would like to thank you for the report. We have worked well together as rapporteurs and I believe that we have found an excellent compromise that we can fully support. It is important that Parliament should send out a strong message indicating our intention to continue pursuing a common agricultural policy. Of course, it is in the nature of things that we do not get everything we want in a compromise. However, what I believe is important for us, and what I would like to emphasise, is that we have the prospect of a greener CAP – I mean green not just in the sense of a sustainable energy policy, but also in the sense of a sustainable agricultural policy too – and that we start to view competition not just as a competitive stance in relation to the global market, but also paying more attention to the situation within European agriculture, focusing on competitive conditions within European agriculture, not only adhering to the rules of the WTO for future agricultural policy, but ultimately developing a strong common European agricultural policy of our own. It is important that in future we designate the direct payments from the first pillar in line with a sustainable agricultural policy and that we have a strong second pillar for the development of rural areas, with a focus on jobs. What we will not support – and this is something we also made clear at committee level – is an agricultural policy in relation to the global market that is based on export subsidies. We continue to reject this strategy and, unlike many others, we are more critical in our appraisal of the history of the current agricultural policy. In other words, we want an agricultural policy that moves away from industrialisation and greater concentration and from purely competition-based market policy. Instead we want to focus on the fact that agricultural policy is genuinely a policy for the future, which seeks to provide a policy for rural areas that promotes food safety and the safeguarding of soil, water and biodiversity. We also believe that we should deploy agricultural policy to combat climate change and, last but not least, as an important mechanism for securing jobs."@en1

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