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"Mr President, the debates we have had in recent months in the European Parliament point unequivocally to the need for change in the common agricultural policy. None of us is in any doubt that the CAP should help ensure food security over the next few decades, providing good and healthy food while maintaining biodiversity and protecting the environment. In the future, the CAP should to a greater degree respond to social needs, such as job creation and the position of women and young people in agriculture. I would like to emphasise strongly that farmers must be assured stable and adequate incomes in return for their hard work and supplying us with high-quality goods. The report which we will adopt today includes proposals tabled by Members representing political groups and individual Member States. We have major decisions to make which will determine the choice of a particular route, so that money spent on the CAP in the future will bring benefits both to agricultural producers and to consumers. Finally, I would like to thank Mr Lyon very sincerely for making it possible for us to work so well together."@en1

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