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". Ladies and gentlemen, as we are discussing the issue of Kosovo, I feel it is my obligation as a Hungarian Member of the European Parliament to speak up for Hungarians living in Vojvodina. I would like to draw the attention of Hungarian parliamentary groups, as well as your attention, to the fact that unfortunately, the rights of the relative Hungarian majority living in Vojvodina are violated day after day. Acts of violence against Hungarians have become almost daily practice. Hungarians are even afraid of contacting the police for fear of a repetition of the events seen in the case of the young men in Temerin. The use of their mother tongue is restricted and the public authorities do not provide services in the Hungarian language. Serbian authorities are now planning to act against the United Hungarian Youth Camp ( ) which has been organised annually for several years now, seeking to prohibit it. The situation may result in the total extinction of Hungarian national sentiments and Hungarians in this area. In order to resolve this serious problem, it is indisputable that wide-ranging territorial autonomy must be granted in the Bačka region."@en1

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