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"Mr President, over the past few months, much has changed about the organisation of the European External Action Service. In January, during the hearings for the new European Commission, my group and I criticised the plan according to which the Commissioner for Development was to become a sort of a manager for one part of the policy only, without having any responsibilities of his or her own. At the time, we were facing a return to a development policy that was subordinate to geopolitical goals and commercial interests and a return to the kind of cynicism with which – even in Europe – dictators have clung onto power for decades at the expense of their people. The structure has now been significantly improved and I wish to pay my compliments to the rapporteurs for that. Obviously, development policy is an integral part of foreign policy, which is supervised and coordinated by Catherine Ashton. However, she also has a clear responsibility of her own for strategy, planning and financing relating to that policy. That enables the EU to play the role it needs to play in the fight against poverty and in the protection of the rights of the citizens of developing countries. Our group will be monitoring very closely to make sure that the EU takes on a stronger role in that regard. With this foreign service, that will now be possible."@en1

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