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"Mr President, it now appears that we have a broad agreement on the instruments, processes and personnel. What we now need is an argument about policy. We ought to be sufficiently brave to compare, to contrast and to contest each other’s national foreign policies. If we fail to put ourselves through such an argument, a common security and defence policy cannot emerge. So I think Baroness Ashton ought to be posing some tough questions. For instance, why do five states still oppose recognition of the independence of Kosovo? Why is Greece permitted to block the emergence of Macedonia as a state? Why is there still a cold war between Turkey and Cyprus? I do hope that, through asking that kind of tough question, the creative and courageous proposals for solutions will emerge. For instance, the proposal to launch a concerted CSDP mission to combat international organised crime is precisely the kind of policy that we are now seeking from Baroness Ashton, serviced by this top class diplomacy that we are to put in place. Good luck, and thank you for your successes so far."@en1

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