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"Madam President, I speak as a Finn and someone from the Nordic countries. Iceland is an independent sovereign state and you yourselves will make the decision. My recommendation to you is this: do not do this to yourselves. You are a lot more valuable as part of Europe, but outside the European Union. Norway, Switzerland and Iceland enjoy an intelligent, prosperous existence in Europe outside the European Union. We in Finland have 15 years’ experience of this, and I am not at all satisfied. The influence that a small country has here is non­existent: the big countries dominate. You have much that is good in your country, and you certainly meet the criteria. You are a strong Nordic democracy, in which referendums do not make a mockery of democracy. When Norway said no in 1994, they did not vote again. When Sweden said no to giving up the krona, they did not vote again. Elsewhere in Europe, however, they vote again a year later if the result is not the right one. Do not do this to yourselves."@en1

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