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"Commissioner Füle and the rapporteur, Mrs Pack, are right in observing that we have not, in the main, received good news from Bosnia and Herzegovina over the past few years. I think that 2010 should be a turning point for Bosnia. First of all, it needs to avail itself of the preparedness of the European Union to liberalise visas. Now it is up to the Bosnian politicians to do their bit. Secondly, Bosnia and Herzegovina should take advantage of the positive conditions in its region. Croatia and Serbia now have governments which are in favour of a united, whole and undivided Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thirdly, the October elections will be a great opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering its voters an opportunity to elect politicians who are prepared, and have the capacity, to move the country forward. After the elections, we need a new agreement, a post-Dayton agreement, which will bring about a functioning state and government. That is something that Bosnia and Herzegovina currently lacks. In addition, this agreement must ensure the long-term existence of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it must contain international legal guarantees from the European Union, the United Nations and Croatia and Serbia. We are prepared to do everything to get to that point."@en1

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