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"− Mr President, I am moved by your proverbial patience. Thank you very much and my humble apologies. The current economic crisis has hit the developing countries hard – and harder than the countries in the developed world – even though they are not responsible for the causes of this crisis. The same applies to climate change: developing countries have little to do with the causes of climate change, but they are suffering the most from its effects. It is therefore of great importance that the EU makes sure that money meant for development goals actually serves this purpose and this purpose alone. First of all, it means that the budget aimed at supporting developing countries in their fight against the effects of climate change should be additional money. The ‘fast-start’ climate finance package should not come at the expense of existing development cooperation programmes. Secondly, I support the principle of financial assistance to the main ACP banana-producing countries. However, this should not be financed via the margins, and I strongly oppose the draft proposal by the Commission in which funds from the development cooperation instruments are redeployed for this assistance. Funds used under the DCI must target poverty alleviation, and although I support the creation of an instrument for cooperation with industrialised countries – ICI+ – that instrument should not be financed by the DCI either."@en1

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