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"Mr President, when I was studying at the University of Helsinki in the 1980s, the Soviet Union was still going strong. When there were problems there, they called for more socialism. Now I am the middle­aged father of a family here in the European Union, and when there are problems here, we call for greater integration. This philosophy is astonishingly similar and the outcome, too, will be the same: it will not work. Let us build on a foundation of nation states. For that, we have to bake our bread before we distribute it, as we say in Finland. Let us create jobs and the right conditions. That will be the source of our strength. That is how we will make progress. We have a shortage of employers – not a shortage of employees, but of employers, who can provide people with work. Small enterprises are crucial. We should postpone the debate on the owner drivers’ working time directive until the next part­session. That is a typical example of a situation where we should be speaking up for independent entrepreneurs, who create jobs, who do good and who employ people. There is a danger now, however, that we will lose jobs on account of administrative decisions. I really love Europe, even if I do not love the European Union."@en1

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