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"Mr President, the European Union needs coordination of research, innovative action and aggregation of investments to stimulate the development of fuel technologies in electric vehicles. The European market is going to have to speed up construction of the infrastructure for recharging batteries and also ensure that there are financial incentives for consumers to purchase electric cars. Standardisation of vehicles and ensuring their universal operability in the European market is essential. In its priorities, and particularly at the meeting in San Sebastian in February this year, the Spanish Presidency clearly suggested the need to develop a uniform position both in Europe and worldwide. I hope European constructors will contribute to making the ideas of the 2020 strategy a reality, creating modern solutions for connecting electric vehicles to smart electricity networks. Nevertheless, we must not forget that the changes which are before us should be introduced in a balanced way, with appropriate measures for harmonisation and using sources of energy which are already in use in the motor industry, such as propane, butane and natural gas, all of which have ecological benefits. Electric cars, their significance for the continued process of decarbonisation and their efficiency must be scrupulously analysed from the point of view of carbon dioxide emissions."@en1

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