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"Madam President, in the Communication from the Commission of 23 January 2008 entitled ‘Supporting early demonstration of sustainable power generation from fossil fuels’, which is part of the climate and energy package, it was stated that the European Union would support the construction of 10 to 12 carbon dioxide capture and storage demonstration plants. At the end of 2008, the European Parliament took up this matter, too, in a resolution. Item 11 of this document stated that the measures which had been unveiled by the Commission were not sufficient to provide the desired incentives for constructing at least 12 demonstration facilities by 2015, while in item 18 it was considered imperative that at least the 12 demonstration facilities earmarked for assistance should cover all possible combinations of the three carbon dioxide capture and storage technologies. The financial means are supposed, however, to come from the sale of 300 million allowances for CO emissions in the New Entrants’ Reserve, or what is known as NER300. Consequently, the sum intended for support of construction of the demonstration plants is going to depend on the market price of the allowances. It is estimated that this will be from EUR 7–12 billion. From the proposed decisions of the Commission contained in the motion it can be gathered that support under NER300 will cover six carbon dioxide capture and storage projects in power generation and two in industry. Does the Council, in cooperation with the Commission, want to support the construction of a further two to four plants, and if so, how?"@en1

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