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"Madam High Representative, I very much agree with you when you say that your key objective is a better and a more credible European foreign policy. That greater stability and security in the Balkans, our part of the world, is your key objective. We really cannot afford any failure in this regard. I therefore recommend that you commit to two issues: firstly, to resolving urgently the relations between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, so that our Member State Greece can finally begin to breathe easy with regard to its northern borders; and secondly, to making efforts to ensure that Serbia, in the artificial dilemma of having to choose between the European Union and Kosovo, opts for the European Union, i.e. that it does not isolate itself. Perhaps it might be a good idea to remind our friends in Serbia of one important fact, which is that Serbia and Kosovo will be together again once they both become members of the European Union."@en1

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