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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, Madam High Representative/Vice-President, I would like to emphasise the fact that we are discussing three excellent documents drawn up by Parliament: ambitious documents that express clear stances, make clear-cut choices and are subject to broad consensus between the groups within this Parliament who care about Europe and its future. It is an important fact, demonstrating Parliament’s will and ability to offer itself as a candidate to play a central role in CFSP/CSDP on the basis of what I would call a dynamic reading of the Treaty of Lisbon. We intend to exercise this role in the process of constructing the External Action Service, not only to guarantee Parliament’s prerogatives, but also to contribute to making the service an organisation capable of ensuring that EU external action is consistent and efficient while, at the same time, strengthening and gradually extending the community method. As regards the Danjean report, I would like to highlight that the concept of strategic autonomy is presented in the context of a multilateral approach, and that it is a condition for strengthening the strategic partnership with the United States. I would also like to highlight the fact that Parliament is united in requesting an Operations Centre, and I am glad that you, High Representative, have declared yourself open to a more exhaustive discussion of this idea. Concerning the non-proliferation resolution, I would like to underline the importance of envisaging a world free from nuclear weapons, the clear judgment on the anachronism of tactical nuclear weapons and the value of the positions recently adopted by some European governments on this front. Thus, Parliament’s message is clear, realistic and ambitious, and we hope that the High Representative is able to grasp and endorse it."@en1

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