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"I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the rapporteur for preparing such a balanced report. The consolidated efforts of the Member States and the European Commission, which are contained in the report, will ensure an integrated and improved system of energy security for the Union, while at the same time achieving better efficiency and reduced consumption of energy. As part of Community energy policy, the Commission and the Member States should identify investments which are necessary to meet the EU’s strategic needs in terms of the supply and demand of natural gas and electricity. The regulation establishes common frameworks, on the basis of which the European Commission receives submissions of data and information on energy infrastructure investment projects in the areas of crude oil, natural gas, electricity, biofuels and low emission investment projects for urban heating and cooling systems. It is indisputable that one element necessary for maintaining stability in the energy system is, without doubt, coal, which must not be superseded by renewable energy sources, because they will not meet the needs of the continually expanding and developing economic sectors of the new Member States. In pointing to the advantages of coal as an energy source, it should be pointed out that the use of new technologies will allow us to achieve a greater reduction in pollution and gradual adoption of established CO emission limits."@en1

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