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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, in view of the developments in the situation in Iran, one cannot help but express serious concern. These concerns relate to the increasing infringements of political and civil rights, which we strongly condemn, and concern over the failure to perform the duties resulting from Iran’s membership of the Non-Proliferation Agreement, upon which even the country itself states it does not want to cast any doubt. We do not question Iran’s right to the peaceful development of nuclear energy, nor do we intend to underestimate the important role that Iran can play on a regional level, its legitimate security requirements, or the need to create a credible system of regional security that involves all the nuclear powers in the area. It is precisely because of this, though, that we do not understand the reasons for the failure to comply with the request by the International Atomic Energy Agency for the uranium to be enriched abroad, and we regret this decision. Faced with this situation, it falls to the Security Council to determine the international community’s response and the possibility of new sanctions, which should be focused on non-proliferation and designed to be an instrument to support the path of difficult but unavoidable dialogue, and not designed and used to beat down the regime. With regard to this course of action, the European Union should play its part by giving thought, at the appropriate time and in the appropriate form, to possible technical measures to complement the UN sanctions and, at the same time, by confirming its readiness for debate and dialogue, which should never be lost, even at difficult times. We will fully support action by the European Union and the High Representative in line with the approach that was set out clearly in the High Representative’s speech."@en1

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