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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the unprecedented humanitarian disaster in Haiti affects us deeply and the European Union has a duty to contribute as best it can to the efforts by the international community, using all the tools at its disposal. As far as financial resources are concerned, significant progress has been made in recent days and hours. What deserves more thought is the other aspects of Europe’s response to the crisis, but we should avoid worrying about our image and concentrate instead on the substance, as the High Representative rightly said. The central role of the MINUSTAH mission has now emerged clearly, in terms of both civil protection and security, ruling out an autonomous CSDP mission, but the EU’s coordination role in support of the UN mission remains key. On this point, I would like to remind Mr Juvin that this coordination exists, and that the Monitoring and Information Centre is performing it in the area of civil protection, and the Situation Centre is performing it in the area of security, and it is to be hoped that this work will result in deployment of the European Gendarmerie Force, as has been expressly requested by the United Nations. What it is useful to understand from the High Representative and from the Commission is how the MIC and the Situation Centre are responding, in practice, in the face of such onerous tasks and tests, how their coordination is working, and whether their instruments and resources are adequate. This will also help us at a later date when we will have to consider the adequacy of these instruments and the capacity of consular protection, but now is not the time for these debates. Now is the time for action and commitment, and we fully support the action being taken by the High Representative."@en1

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