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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, the difficult situation in Georgia calls for particular care in combining the defence of international law with a pragmatic approach and a sense of responsibility. We think that the EU was right to reaffirm its support for Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and, at the same time, we welcome the prudence shown in taking note of the elections in Abkhazia, which we feel is consistent with a method based on the constant pursuit of dialogue and political debate and on support for democratic processes. The internal development of the region and the evolution of the international context underpin this decision to seek dialogue and further increase Europe’s responsibility in the various areas in which it has made commitments: the Commission’s initiatives in support of the democratic process in Georgia and in support of the refugees, efforts to keep the Geneva talks alive and the activities of the European monitoring mission, this last all the more valuable and vital since it is currently the only international mission in Georgia. We welcome the work undertaken by the mission and its contribution to the stabilisation of the region, to the functioning of the incident prevention and response mechanism and to the arduous process of rebuilding of trust between the parties. At the same time, we are aware that the development of the democratic process, with regard to which we must be generous and exacting, and the association agreement, could be the key for lasting change in Georgia."@en1

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