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"Mr President, at the last EU-Russia Summit, the parties signed a memorandum on the principles of an early warning mechanism on energy matters. The European Commission hopes that in future, this will allow us to avoid an energy crisis similar to the one we experienced at the beginning of the year, when the dispute between Russia and Ukraine over the supply and transit of gas resulted in Moscow cutting off the supply of gas for nearly three weeks, effectively paralysing several European countries. The approaching winter and the associated increase in gas consumption mean that we have to develop principles which should govern the European energy market. The European Union must understand that breaks in gas supply are not only a threat to the economy, but they also threaten the foundations of European integration, which, strengthened by European solidarity, support the free market. I also hope that this winter will not have to be a test of the truth of the declarations made, and of whether solidarity is an insignificant, empty word or a real guarantee of cooperation between Member States of the European Union."@en1

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