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"The forthcoming European Council is intended to lay the foundations for the future of the Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs. It is doing so at a time when unemployment in Europe is reaching historic levels and the economy is in recession, foundering in a deep crisis. Eight years on, we must bow to reality: the stated objectives have completely failed. The causes behind this failure lie in what soon showed itself to be the true agenda of this strategy: deregulation of labour relations and the associated devaluation of work, an attack on social rights, dismantling of essential public services, privatisation and liberalisation of key sectors of the economy and imposing the market as supreme in increasing areas of public life. Workers and people have every reason to hope for a radical move away from this agenda: a change of direction that it is vital to implement. Among other things, such a change calls for: recognition of education as a right, not as a service or just another market sector; democratisation of access to knowledge and culture; valuing of work and workers’ rights; protection of productive sectors and of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises; quality public services for all; and a fairer distribution of wealth."@en1

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