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"Madam President, our resolutions on this issue address the dual challenges of eradicating hunger – which currently affects one sixth of the world’s population – and securing a food supply for the future. We are facing a situation whereby, on one hand, the world’s population is growing, while, on the other, food production is proving to be an ever more challenging endeavour owing to the negative effects of climate change and rising costs associated with food production. While the agricultural element of food security is undoubtedly key to solving this problem, we should also firmly focus on how good governance in developing countries is absolutely necessary if we are to have any chance of successfully tackling world hunger. Take Zimbabwe, for example, which Mr Deß has already referred to. It was once known as the bread basket of Africa, and was once able to feed itself and many neighbouring countries. Now it is unable to do so, after being destroyed by the actions of Robert Mugabe and his henchmen. We have all got to work together to overcome this problem and prevent the civil unrest and misery that could arise from it."@en1

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