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"Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I would like to thank my colleagues in the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and the other political groups of our European Parliament, because on this matter of decent work, we all wanted to toe the same line and submit a joint resolution, and the negotiations of the last few days have been extremely positive. Since 1919, the International Labour Organisation has been able to guarantee and develop a system of international labour standards covering a wide range of issues, including work, employment, social policy and human rights. We must not forget this, particularly at this time of crisis. That is why it is extremely important that the conventions have been classified by the ILO as up to date after a tripartite process bringing together employers, workers and governments. That is the reason why we have put this recommendation to the Member States, encouraging them to ratify the conventions that have been classified by the ILO and asking them to contribute actively to their effective implementation for the sake of the development and progress of social Europe. We hope that this will happen as soon as possible. We will be vigilant regarding the deadlines for applying these conventions while, of course, respecting the principle of subsidiarity. The PPE Group will be particularly vigilant regarding the application of these conventions in the Member States. The fight against illegal work, the modernity of social progress, the building of a genuine social Europe that shows the world the way, is what is at stake, and we really want to help move it forward."@en1

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