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"Madam President, we have an internal market in the EU in which we are able to sell goods to each other in a free market. We ensure free competition and cheap goods, and that is all very well and good. However, other areas need to be included. Fundamental workers’ rights must be ensured and respected throughout the EU. EU Member States must not compete on poor working conditions, and the workforce in all the Member States must secure equal pay for equal work. The right to strike is also a fundamental right. It is therefore important that there is close cooperation between the EU and the International Labour Organisation, the ILO. We share some common values and we can use the ILO conventions as a basis for developing the European social model further. Unfortunately that is not possible at present, since the Commission only considers the conventions binding if they have been ratified by more than half the Member States. We could start by ensuring that every EU Member State as a minimum ratifies and implements the conventions that the ILO has classified as updated. We do not need more talk; what we need is action. How else can we ask other countries of the world to ratify and implement the ILO conventions and ask the WTO to include fundamental workers’ rights in all trade agreements? The EU must take the lead. Only then can we tell other countries that they must all ratify and implement these conventions. We must promote decent work in the EU and in the world as a sustainable, strong response to the global crisis we are facing."@en1

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