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"Madam President, if we are to try and understand what is happening in the waters of the Indian Ocean we must tackle the issue of piracy in a responsible manner, refraining from demagogic statements and from taking a party political stance. I am saying this despite the statements that I have had the misfortune of hearing in this House. Certain Members have taken the opportunity to attack the government of Spain while they had the floor. I would point out that the aforementioned government was instrumental in promoting and taking forward Operation Atalanta which we are today commending. That operation is clearly inadequate, however, and must be strengthened. I therefore wish to ask the Council to strengthen this operation, to enlarge the protected areas for which it is responsible, to increase its staff allocation and to grant it additional competences. I refer, for instance, to surveillance of the ports from which the mother ships used by pirates leave. Nonetheless, it is clear that Atalanta cannot be the sole mechanism for resolving the Somali problem. That is why I am taking this opportunity of calling on all concerned to seek a common strategy on Somalia. Such a strategy should include development aid and political dialogue with the transitional federal government. I also call on the Council to set up a new operation, in parallel with Atalanta. That operation would help to train and equip the Somali federal government’s security forces whilst also strengthening the commitment to respect for human rights and the rule of law."@en1

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