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"I hope this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women will mark the start of the collapse of the wall of silence and indifference that still exists in our society with regard to this genuine scourge that affects millions of women in the European Union and throughout the world. Violence against women is a violation of human rights and an obstacle to their participation in social and political life, in public life and at work, preventing them being citizens with full rights. Although the different kinds of violence also vary across cultures and traditions, as already mentioned here, capitalist economic and social crises make women more vulnerable, exacerbating their exploitation and leading to poverty and marginalisation, which also contributes to trafficking of women and prostitution. It is therefore crucial that we consolidate financial resources and policies that are genuinely committed to promoting the role of women in society and to promoting equal rights, and that we implement real plans to combat all forms of violence against women, along with eliminating the discrimination that still exists and protecting victims."@en1

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