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"Mr President, today, millions of individuals and millions of women the world over are shouting out against gender violence. Today, we cannot turn a blind eye to this major social scourge exemplifying power relationships that have been unequal throughout history. There can be no reason, no argument and no scope for understanding. Some women are murdered simply because they are women. Faced with this state of affairs, we have the responsibility of using all the means at our disposal to eliminate gender violence, and to move forward and create a more equal society, by way of brave and determined legal measures. This responsibility is incumbent on all of us, the European institutions, the Member States and organisations. Countries such as Spain have made a clear commitment in this regard. The law against gender violence is a necessary and essential instrument. It should therefore serve as an example to the rest of Europe. I could also mention education for equality, combating stereotypes and legal aid for victims. I am sure we could refer to many other necessary policies in this area. The incoming Spanish Presidency has named the fight against gender violence as one of its priority objectives. I believe this is very important and trust that the House will strongly support each and every one of the initiatives in that regard. We must make a joint effort and work together. Only then will we be able to support the millions of female victims who cannot afford to wait a single minute longer."@en1

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