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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I consider the resolution that we are discussing today in Parliament to be genuinely positive. To dwell on part of this, I consider that the topic of European enlargement to the western Balkans is, and must remain, one of the linchpins of European action in the coming months. I would like to compliment the Swedish Presidency and, above all, Commissioner Rehn on their work. We must nevertheless feel more involved in the process of enlargement. Some countries must undoubtedly step up their action on the legal front in terms of the fight against crime and reforms. Yet we must not lose sight of the political aim, which is to consolidate democracy in those countries and have them follow the European path in economic, social and infrastructural terms. I am thinking, for example, of countries such as Kosovo – and in this regard I agree with the amendment tabled by Mrs Lunacek with regard to the Roma issue – because this is a country we cannot sideline merely because five European countries have not yet recognised its independence. To sum up, we need the right amount of courage and a far-sighted policy that is up to the challenge that the process of enlargement sets all of us."@en1

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