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"I still have vivid recollections of Commissioner Rehn saying, at one of our recent meetings, that to be a commissioner in charge of enlargement, you have to be an optimist. I must admit that, in my opinion, that word describes him very well but, as far I am concerned, the role of optimist is not a fitting one for him. My personal view is that, in politics, and that also includes European politics, optimism ought to take second place to realism. I find it downright shocking that Parliament has gone along with such a rose-tinted approach. Why was it necessary to tone down the clear signal addressed to Turkey and Bosnia in the first version of Mr Albertini’s report? Why did we have to pay compliments to Turkey? Why did we make desperate efforts to find a positive opening message for Bosnia? Is Parliament not fully aware of the fact that we are obliged to represent the peoples of the Member States of the European Union? Information campaigns are not going to be of any help in achieving an enlargement process that is supported by the people. We will only achieve that by honestly and realistically assessing the extent to which these countries have complied with the Copenhagen criteria."@en1

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