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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, first of all I wish to thank the Swedish Presidency for the great efforts it has made during these months, which have led, amongst other things, to the adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon. Finally, after 10 years of institutional impasse, the European Union can resume its trajectory of growth, which was unexpectedly cut short some time ago, by strengthening the codecision procedure. Quite apart from any debate over the qualities of the individuals chosen, the appointments made in recent days have certainly shown that the appointment procedures are far removed from the principles of transparency and responsibility in respect of its citizens that the European Union upholds. This House must undertake to ensure its greater future involvement in negotiations, which cannot and must not be conducted in secret by the States within the Council. Lastly, I hope that we will be able to conclude 2009 by reaching an ambitious agreement at the Copenhagen conference, where the European Union must speak with one voice to express its opinion on climate change."@en1

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