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"Madam President, we should be protecting employees, small entrepreneurs and industry. Environmental action is only possible in a healthy economy. Only if the economy is healthy can we invest in the environment. Things will not go well with the present target percentages. The current trade in percentages, although I say so myself as a Catholic, is the modern-day equivalent of selling indulgences, and that is not a good thing. We must introduce a system of specific emissions, as with cars, allowing us to measure what has happened and drawing the appropriate conclusions. Why is the left not standing up for the workers, not just in Finland but in Europe generally? Support for the left is melting away faster than the icebergs. There are other options: duties can be imposed on products that exceed specific emissions. If we establish a system where environmental dumping originating in the developing and less industrialised countries is not possible, we can protect jobs and superior products, and we will be able to continue to do this in the future too."@en1

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