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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, by adopting the Martin report, the European Parliament has accomplished what was an unavoidable task, given the imminent entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon. It has done this with an accurate and precise text that incorporates into our Rules of Procedure the important changes introduced by a new treaty concerning the increased role of the European Parliament in terms of legislative procedure, of budgetary procedure and of the European Union’s overall institutional balance. Of these innovations, I am pleased to mention those that relate to the procedures for revising the treaties and to Parliament’s role in submitting proposals, as well as the changes relating to the role of national parliaments which confer a special responsibility on Parliament: to be able to make this enhanced role a source of democratic legitimacy for European integration, rather than a bureaucratic obstacle. The President made a good decision in resolving the issue of those amendments that are not directly relevant to the task assigned to this report, since there will be time later to address in a more consistent and systematic fashion the issue of whether to carry out a more comprehensive review of our Rules of Procedure. The fact remains that, while there are elements that can be eliminated from the work carried out by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, there are other elements that can usefully be added. I refer to the importance of the amendment that emphasises how the question of observers must be addressed, bearing in mind that these observers must be chosen from among the main candidates who were not elected in the European Parliament elections."@en1

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